Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running on the road...

So most of you probably won't recognize my name...well largely because I'm never to be seen at the Asha training sessions in Austin. I'm one of the few folks that's training remotely and I thought I'd shed some light on my experience training alone and the challenges that come with it.

Although I'm based out of Houston, I've been hit with the curse of the business consultant and am constantly on the road travelling. My current stint is in Albuquerque, NM where I've been since June '08 and will continue to be till the end of Nov (beautiful place...but seriously, Green Chili sucks!!). I had my share of hesitation in joining this program, not only because of the distance challenge, but also my ability to commit to the training. I was aware that I wouldn't have the advantage of running with a group and that I would be living in a hotel for the large part of my week with limited access to outdoor running trails. It's been about 5 weeks now since I've been following the training schedule and I'm glad to say I've been somewhat good about sticking to it. The weekday programs are always tough becasue my schedule is often thrown off by travel days...and it has been a painful but gainful experience waking up in the wee hours of the morning to train since my evenings are usually long and occupied with either work or the social pressures of the corporate world (ok ok...the wining and dining isn't all that bad =) )

Two weeks back, I completed my first official 5k at the Susan G Komen run in Houston and while it may have just been 3.1 miles, it felt awesome completing the race. So for those of you who feel discouraged sometimes, or find it hard to get up that one morning in the awesomeness that is Austin, just remember, you could be in Albuquerque instead and life could be alot worse =)(well think of the kids in India too..)And maybe one of these days, you'll see an odd character running with you wearing a longhorn cap and whining about green chili. If you do, say 'Hi!', cuz more than likely it might just be me =)

Go Team Asha!


Sharanya said...

Shriya, I think it's fantastic that you've taken on this challenge! You're right, it's much harder to train on your own, it requires self-discipline. The fact that you are doing it nonetheless really shows your passion & dedication. Keep at it, and do come to Austin over a weekend so that many more of us can join you for a long run! :) Very proud of you for taking this up, and going up against these challenges! We've got your back, baby!

Charanya said...

Welcome to the blogging land Sis!!Am so proud of you for doing this!! We defn gotta plan some Austin weekend trips for you so that you can run with the folks here sometime!

Great job so far and let's go running together next weekend when I'm home! :)

The Steph said...

Great work! I love NM, so I am actually jealous.