Monday, September 19, 2011

What I miss about training in Austin

Hey Team Asha!
I'm Sirsha and I began running for Team Asha in 2010. Completed my first half marathons for Team Asha and got over the idea of asking people for money for a cause I deeply love. I'm spending 3 months in São Paulo, Brazil on a work exchange program. While it's been a blast here and I have managed to find a running training group that is absolutely awesome (individualized training, tech tees and good looking Brazilian coaches) I still miss running in Austin with y'all for the following reasons:
1) Running on the streets of Austin - the gorgeous HILLs, cars that respect runners and pedestrians in general and getting to know neighborhoods - in SP, running on the streets is not recommended due to various safety issues. And no hills in the parks.
2) Breakfasts after long runs - definitely miss my Tacodeli fix after most long runs.
3) Seeing the RED Team Asha tees - just love spotting those wherever I run, and especially when I don't know the person wearing it and can go and introduce myself.
4) Running all the Austin races like the IBM 10K etc. in the Fall
5) Running with someone from Team Asha
6) Team Asha socials - and good beer (Brazil makes a lot of good things including cachaca but not good beer, sad).

So enjoy all the things I mentioned above and keep running!


Charanya said...

Great job keeping up with the running Sirshy! Can't wait to have you run with us when you get back!!

Fast and furious said...
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Mohit said...

Send us a video of "What we are missing by not training in Brazil" !