Monday, September 19, 2011

Five reasons why you should run the 2011 IBM Uptown Classic 10K

Whether you are a new or a seasoned runner, running an organized race is always a bunch of fun! I am here to share with you five reasons why I think you should run the IBM 10K.

1. Beginner’s Jitters: They say that getting to the start line is half the battle and I couldn’t agree more. In my first year of being a Team Asha runner, I was very unsure about doing a race since the idea of a race automatically brought ideas of “competition” and “stress” and “herds of runners”. In reality, it was a ton of fun running with a large group of people and being cheered on by both familiar faces and complete strangers! There is no better way to shed racing jitters than participating in a short and FLAT course like the IBM 10K.

2. Gear/Gadget Test: By now, most of you might have bought one or more new gear/gadget related to running – a new technical t-shirt, a new sports watch, new shoes etc. A practice race like the IBM 10K is a great way to test out these new gear/gadgets and gauge your comfort level with them.

3. Race Day Experience: In case you didn’t know this already, there is no substitute for a race day experience. Even in the smaller races, there is always that extra adrenaline that a race makes you experience. I had blogged about my experience when I first ran the IBM 10K in 2008 - it really was the first day that I truly began to feel like a “Team Asha” runner. :) This race is also highly likely to pump you up for your longer distance target races next year!

4. Benchmark Run: By now some of you are already running distances that you have never run before. Running a benchmark race helps you understand where you are in your overall training. This will better help you plan your personal goals and times for your target race.

5. Make new friends: Some of you might be new to Austin, or new to Asha! Either way, the race day will be a great way for you to meet your fellow Asha runners, the crew and other athletes in general. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and more importantly learn from their experiences. It is amazing how much there is to learn from just talking to other athletes and seeing how they prepare for race day. Every race I have run, I have ended up making a friend – typically someone who is running the same pace I am. Plus, Team Asha has the best race support ever!! You will truly feel like a superstar! :)

I am signing up for the race for sure, and I hope to see more bright red “Team Asha” t-shirts out there as well. Go Team Asha! :)

2011 IBM Uptown Classic 10K
When: Sunday, October 2nd 2011 @ 8am
Registration Link:
*There is a 5K option as well for those who are not confident of running a 10K yet

- Vishwas


Pinnacle said...

I second this completely! I wish I'd done this race last year - firstly it's a great race to do in Austin. And most importantly, have one race under your belt helps tremendously with confidence! It doesn't matter whether you run fast or slow, just that you keep running!

Charanya said...

I concur as well. Everyone!! Sign up now!! :)