Sunday, October 31, 2010

Being a new runner/ thanks for the workshop today!

Sharanya/ Savi and all the organizers,
Thanks for the talk today. It was motivating as well as interesting and fun!
I looked through the project pages after the talk today and I'm highly impressed by the amount of transparency they offer (in terms of funds disbursal, meeting minutes, etc).
I chose a project which I am able to relate to the most (Prasanna Jyothi) - read the meeting minutes/ details from some site visits and within an hr of doing so, I already feel so close to it. Thanks for the awesome job u guys have been doing to make is easy for each of the Asha member to feel so close to the cause they are working towards.

Completely unrelated to above - All new runners,
I think we have such an advantage of being a new runner! Since I started, for me, every week has been a new high! From running 4 miles for the first time in my life just a few weeks back, I'm at running 8.5 miles at one shot for the first time in my life. We are almost 2/3rd done with the half marathon goal - isn't that exciting! As some of you I spoke to today would have realized, I'm just ecstatic and so proud of myself :)

I put my funding webpage up less than a week back and managed to raise $150 with first set of emails and no following up. Beginner's luck?! And this is when the webpage is just horrible - so impersonal :( (which I realised after the workshop today and I'm gonna work on it right away!)
But basically what I'm trying to stress here is that do not procrastinate, get your website up and first set of emails out. It is great to see the first set of funds coming in! It helps get the block out of your mind that fund-raising is something, somehow we are going to achieve.

So, good luck every1 and hope every1 is as excited and thrilled as I am to be a part of this :)

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