Sunday, October 5, 2008

Surprises...the good kind

This weekend has been sort of a revelation for me. I ran the farthest distance so far and did so in good time. I was unsure about running the usual long run on Saturday morning. My initial thought was to run six miles and done with it but when I started running I felt pretty good and took the longer route to complete seven miles. The time it took for me to complete my run is pretty much the same it used to take me to complete five miles before which is very encouraging. It definitely was not easy. By the sixth mile my lungs started inching upwards begging for more oxygen.

The Vibha 5k this morning was fun. Thanks to the cheerleaders for cheering us along the way. I’m going home this week so most likely no running for me for another four weeks or so. The good thing about training for half marathon is that now I can go home and eat all I want (Yummy Diwali sweets…..yes Sir!!) and come back and burn it off. Good luck to y’ll. Keep on running and see you in a month.

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