Friday, October 17, 2008

Running Mantra

I'll start this post because I already have a mantra that I use to get through my run during a race. This is what I used in tri season, but I have no doubt that it applies to running-only races as well. It's not particularly melodic, but I repeat it over and over again as my enthusiasm begins to wane or my burning muscles and lungs feel as if the can take no more.

"This is your job today. Do it well. The work is almost over."

I know at end, at that BEAUTIFUL, magical place called the finish line, I will be rewarded with the cheers and hugs of my friends and sense of accomplishment that never diminishes in impact.

And THAT feeling also happens to be the one that results in my habit of registering for more races when I get home...beware! :-P

Steph R.

PS. IF YOU'RE READING THIS AND YOU BELONG TO TEAM ASHA: Please post your mantra! Don't be shy!! I 'borrowed' Sha's cycling mantra and it helped me to climb more hills than I can count.

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Sharanya said...

You borrowed my cycling mantra?? NO WAY! Hahahaha.. but man, the mantra helped me get through those awful hills during tri-season last year!