Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Team Asha's Finale: The Austin Marathon/Half-Marathon Race


Go Team Asha! You guys had a strong race, and we're so proud of you! Here's a video that captures some of the memorable moments of Race Day.

Photos taken by: Charanya, Divya, Gaurav, Rahul, Sabari, Sharanya


gk said...

yay! first one to comment :P
Awesome video sha!
Congratulations Team Asha!

g_tree said...

I want to do that again!!

Charanya said...

I'm loving it!!! If I'm the Queen of Spreadsheets, you're the Queen of Videos!!:D

Go Team Asha Champions!!!

Savitha Sridharan said...

Video done really really well Sha!!
It was soo much fun to be out there..really don't mind a repeat of the day!!

This time not giving up on my share of samosas though :)

Itisha said...

Cool Video!! Awesome job Sha! Thanks!

Paradise Lost...!!! said...

Awesome video sha!!!

Lakshmi Yaddanapudi said...

Yaaaaayyyyyyyy! amazing video babe! so many fond memories! :)

Lakshmi Yaddanapudi said...

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! amazing video babe! too many fond memories! :)