Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A mantra to motivate me

Every day in news cycle and magazine articles I read a lot about India becoming a global power and the tremendous growth that is taking place back home. Though it makes me happy and proud to see India realizing its potential, it also sometimes makes me forget that there is another side to the India story. The last three weeks that I spent back home gave me a refresher course in lot of things that had fallen of my thoughts. I was reminded again about why ASHA exists to begin with. This has given me a renewed energy to work towards achieving my goal and help Team ASHA. So from now on whenever I need to recharge I will keep telling myself that “Every Step Educates”. I don't know if its Original but it sure works for me :).

PS: I’m an amateur photographer and my interest is in human photography. Here is a link to some of the pictures I took in Varanasi. I would be delighted to hear any comments that you might have.


Sharanya said...

Amazing pictures, Sabari! It must have been awesome to reconnect with the cause through your travels. Sitting here in the US sometimes puts mental distance between us and the work Asha does in India.

For me, it helps working on Asha's project to keep me connected with the cause. Next time you're in India, see if you can visit one of the projects that we support there. It will be an awesome learning experience.

Rati said...

Great pictures! Finally I got a chance to check out your website about your marathon!!! It is amazing what you doing for such a great cause. I am proud of you and I am def sponsoring your marathon!

Revathi said...

Sabari, great pictures. 'Following the leader' is my favorite.

The Steph said...

I love your mantra! I may have to use it sometime. :-)

g_tree said...

The photos are great and so are the titles/comments.
I really like the mantra too. It just sounds right, you know?

sabari said...

thanks for the comments everyone